Saturday, December 5, 2009

Conversations With My Father: One Of Many
''Put Myself Down''
Let go.
Let you guide my path.
I won't fear falling.
You will catch me.
Thou my shame,
my weakness,
my regret,
my inability to move on and let the past be,
may plague me,
yet through it all,
you still love me.
Everything about you is perfect.
The way you let your presence known, when I am in pain.
The way you take away my mistakes,
so I remember them no more.
I am forever grateful,
that you never change,
And that your love stays the same.
The way you bring peace unto my soul,
while I'm standing in the midst of death,
tearing at me from every direction.
Never let me forget how much I need you.
Because you love me, I always love you.
So whatever you'll have me to go through, I'll go through.
Just as long as I have you.

''Part. II''
So let me be weak.
So you can be my strength.
Let me cry.
So you can be the reason, for my tears being wiped away.
Let me smile.
And know that you are the reason.
Give me bad and good experiences.
So that I'll learn and see, that you are all I need.
Let me feel alone.
So I can remember what it was like before I was saved by you.

I'll always walk with you. Open My Eyes, Father.


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