Thursday, November 26, 2009

Native Americans and Thanksgiving

I wanted to post this because I do not celebrate ''Thanksgiving'' because of the history associated with it. But I did eat macaroni and cheese and a roll. Nothing else, no traditional Thanksgiving food, because this was all I have been thinking about, the Native Americans. I think it's sad that the school system is still brainwashing kids, it is not surprising that they would keep their history from them, it's so sad. I wanted to cry watching this. It is sad that the world has come to this, celebrating the slaughter of Native Americans. Because that is really what the day is about. Thanksgiving is a everyday thing for me, not just on one day. I always thank the Heavenly Father and I'm not just thankful on one day. That is my view on this holiday.

Many people are forgetting the horrible history of Thanksgiving. Instead they are killing people while 
trying to make the black friday store sells. I do not understand how this can be a happy time to celebrate for anyone, 
what are people all over the world really celebrating and is this really what we have come to? So sad.

Let us not forget.

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