Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spending To Much?

If your piggy bank looks like this, then you probably are spending to much money. The economy is no doubt tough. With the unemployment numbers rising and the tax increase etc.
Tax = kill
We basically have no choice but to save. I am not a crazy spender, I'm good at saving and of course I'm also very good, or really good at spending also. But lately I have been saving a considerable amount, I mean I don't really do anything but go to school etc. ---> Well actually not, ''etc.'' because I do not do anything besides, school. One thing that works for me is, as soon as I get money. Lets use a $20.oo as an example, I'll put half, $10.oo, in an envelope and put the envelop somewhere I know that I won't be able to find it. & when I really need the money, i'll tear up my room looking for it, & then, i'll eventually i'll remember where I put it. Sounds like it's too much, but it works for me. I know your thinking, ''What kind of world does she live in, that she can save half of the money she gets?'' I understand times are hard, so save what you can, do not feel pressured to save more than you can save because you are setting your self up.There are also sites that you can go onto that will give you knowledge on how to better manage & save your money. Lots of tips. I'm saving, just because I like saving but also because I love to travel. The money that I'm saving is for that, travel. That is another thing, figure out why you are saving money, and before you spend, think about your reason. You can also try using a safe & write your code down and hide the paper from yourself, that is if you're one of those uncontrollable, psycho, compulsive spenders, when you see money, you lose your mind and because it's there it must be spent. I hope you all will be well disciplined ;-}

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