Friday, November 27, 2009

While I was at the store I saw this magazine, ''Romantic Homes Magazine.'' I fell in !

This magazine features cute ideas for your home, I could not put this magazine down. I wanted to buy it but I was to cheap, I figured if I'm looking at it now, why buy? So I wrote the websites down of the things I liked. Romantic Homes Magazine home ideas are beautiful, on point, elegant and girly, like me! I'm more in to architecture work, I was actually going to go to school for architect, but changed my mind, and it is way too much math, you can't escape math, I still have a love for it! Back to the topic, you all should check these sites out, the work is so amazing! The Bella cottage is having a 20% off sale, the stuff at that site is so cute! Also, when you go over to the romantic homes magazine website, they put the links of creative sites, that are also featured in the magazine:

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