Monday, December 7, 2009

The dreams the Heavenly Father gives us, all have messages in them.
Just like when the Heavenly Father gave Joseph the gift to interpret dreams.

I dream of unknown people.
But when I dream, there really are no stranger.
I know everyone.
Some I know in real life, others I do not.
In my dreams, I am excepted as I am
& people don't try to understand me, I just am.
Strangely, I am happy in my dreams.

 I'm always half asleep. I'm a light sleeper.

So in my dreams I am happy & free, in another world
but then I wake up and reality tugs at me.
 I have to lay in the bed for hours sometimes, because I try to go back to sleep.
So I can dream again. It is well known that, I LIVE IN MY HEAD!

Recently...The girl in my dream, didn't know why she was running,
she was just going, just because.
I told her the truth but, she believed whatever she wanted.
I saw an old man, he was happy where he was.
I think we should be happy for the dead, because they are resting.
They know nothing. The ''living'' are more dead than the dead.

Ecclesiastes 7:1 A good name is better than precious ointment, 
and the day of death than the day of one's birth.  <----- Ain't that the truth!

My favorite dream, I'm still not sure what it means, if it has happened or not.
I was in a old church, it looked like an old southern log church. I was there with my mom and youngest sister. There were young men in the back of the church with us & A old pastor from a church I use to attend. We were sitting in the 2nd to last church pew, in the back of the church. The men were getting ready to go somewhere, I'm not sure where. They were putting on suits and ties. I got up from the pew and began to walk to the far back of the church, near where the men were. I noticed a white opened double glass door, it was strange because the church was old & the doors were new. I didn't think anything of it though. But I was wondering why no one else noticed this door. I was attracted to it because there was light shining through the white doors. I walked towards this door but I didn't go out side. I stood there looking and was amazed @ the beauty and the fact that the church was on water. There was no ground but there was only water and calm waves, an ocean. I closed my eyes for 3 seconds and took a deep breathe in, as I directed my face towards the light & soaked it in. I felt calm through the whole dream. Then I walked back to my pew. On the way there I stepped on the pastor's ankle, yes...his ankle! I stood there in silence because I thought he was going to say something rude and was going to be angry. (In real life I've been to this pastor's church, I never really cared for him or his church) He was quiet too. Then he burst out in laughter, I was laughing as well, nervously. I said sorry to him and he was saying it was okay, blah blah & blah. & I proceeded to my pew.

I do not know if this dream has already happened yet or what it may mean but I new it was significant, so I wrote it down when I had awakened.

I had a dream after that, I was also in an old southern style log church.

I 've also had a dream when I was 16. I had this dream before all the crazy stuff happened, that the dream was foretelling me would happen. I didn't realize it until I turned 18, what that dream actually meant. In fact, even after I had the dream I didn't ponder on it. Until one night, I was sitting on my bed and thinking about everything & then out of nowhere, it comes back to my mind, the dream. The Heavenly Father made me remember it.
The Heavenly Father was showing me what I was about to go through & in that dream, there was a lot of things that were symbolic, now I understand. I understand what he was trying to tell me & show me. I went through what I went through because I had to, but the Heavenly Father was showing me that no one would help me, be there for me, nor save me. Because they couldn't, only he, the Heavenly Father could.

Long story short, be attentive to the Heavenly Father & what he is trying to tell you.
& dreams are real, they come true!

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