Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Late Night Cravings From Mama's Kitchen

It is not like me to make a meaningless post but I must put this out. Well of course I'm not good at cooking & I'd rather not stand over a hot stove and sweat, unless I'm really really really..... I mean really really hungry. This is coming from a girl that burned oat meal, but it's okay because I learned at the end of last year how to make instant oatmeal! Yay! I always go onto cooking sites, as if I can cook & like I'm really going to try the recipe. I just like to go onto these sites to see how talented everyone is, okay, let me be honest, I do day dream that I'm actually eating the food, especially deserts, yum! Anywho I was craving pistachio ice cream, mmm! I was going to get some yesterday but it was to expensive, like $6-8.oo! How to solve my problem you may ask? Well, I have vanilla ice cream and I have pistachios, you know what I'm going to do, mix them together! Hey, you gotta stay on a budget!

Ice cream sandwiches!
How to make them? Well if you already know how to bake etc. your in luck, because I do not know how to! Maybe you can teach me lol! But I can tell you what to do after that, here it goes. Once the cookies are finished cooling down, choose whatever ice cream flavor you want. I must add that you can also buy cookies (duh!), cookies like oreo's etc.Then you simply take two cookies and put the ice cream in the center! Tah-dah, you have a ice cream sandwich!

Arrh. It's so late but anyway, Green tea sounds so good right now! I haven't had any green tea in a while, I use to drink it just for health benefits, 3-4 or 5x a day, depending on how I felt, usually 4 or 5 cups, I tried to drink 6 but. you know how that goes, I couldn't keep up with 6 cups, I mean that gets boring after while. I drink my green tea with lemon juice because of the health benefits, and when both green tea and lemon juice are together, it is super, ultra duper healthy! They have green tea everything, I even saw a green tea cup cake, it's true. I like green yea but I don't know about all of that!
Anyway, I'm about to retire to bed, night everyone!
Benefits of green tea:

Late Night Note P.S.
Always help someone else in need.
We all have something that bonds us together, so love each other &
be there for each other in the time of need!
Man, I love all ya'll....
I really need to hit the pillow.....

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