Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love Letter From The Heavenly Father

Love Letter From The Heavenly Father:
I had to share this because this helped me and it really touched me, it was well put together and the words were so beautiful & so true! The Heavenly Father loves us and he just wants the best for us, he knows that life hurts us, he's see's our pain and our struggle. Remember he too sent his son, who felt the pain of life and even took up our sin for us because he loves us that much.

Yolanda Adams: ''Even Me'' (LIVE!)
You know I had to add this, Yolanda Adams is by far my favorite modern day gospel sing. I'm more into slave spirituals and old, real gospel, like Mahalia Jackson! But anyway back to Yolanda, I was shocked when I saw this performance I have never seen her perform like this! She sang her heart out! The Heavenly Father is so amazing! This performance always brings tears to my eyes and we all can relate to this song! What the youngins say these days?, it's the bomb!Lol, i'm joking i'm young myself! lol!

Yolanda Adams: ''It's Gon Be Nice'' (Live!)

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