Monday, November 30, 2009

To Eat or Not To Eat....? That is the question

Because You all Care So Much!

I'm going to be detoxing soon, not that you all needed to know that. 
But before my detox, I just wanted to have something that would be yummy, 
it was actually unexpected! Bad, bad me!
This is what I gobbled down yesterday, It is a cheesecake fantasy from Cold Stone. 
Except, I had mine in a cone just like this but with the chocolate around the edges! 
And instead of the regular ice cream, I had cake batter!
No... it was good, believe me!
I new that I shouldn't have eaten it,
but I couldn't resist the flavors that burst into your mouth,
when you bite into the blueberry and that yummy cake batter,
and those big chunky sweet strawberries,
and those crispy chunks of some crispy chunky stuff,!
I new with every time I picked up a spoon full to gobble it down, that I shouldn't be eating it.
As I licked my lips thinking about how fast it was going to be gone, I new it was wrong.
Now I was left asking myself this question, was it worth it?
YES! I'd do it again! So much for the guilt trip!
I roared, like a lion and my stomach growled when there was no more but a spoonful left.
And I began to hyperventilate and break into a cold sweat, when I realized that there was no more left. 
My heart pounded out of my chest and I couldn't utter a word, you know what happened next
.... (To Be Continued)
I'm playing, that was Over exaggerated!

It's making you hungry too,  hu? I need to stop it!
It was yummy, I just wanted to share that!
Don't eat anything that I wouldn't eat!


  1. oh my god ! this is my favorite dessert as well !
    cheesecake fantasy from cold stone is simply the best . i usually add extra berries :D mmmppphhh.. you're making me totally hungry dear 1

    and thanks for the blog comment:)
    hope you'll keep visiting .