Monday, November 23, 2009

Hair In A Trans

I didn't want to post anything about hair because that is not what my blog is about but I thought would help a little, for the transitioner's!
I have been transitioning for 5 months now, I started at the end of July. Yay for me!
One thing that I have learned that is the most important is moisturizing and deep conditioning.
I'm not disciplined on my water intake, the most I drink a day, dare I say.... probably 1 glass or 2, I know that is so bad!
I'm working on it though, i'm unhealthy.
At the beginning of my transition my favorite style was the bantu knot out! As seen in the picture above, except my hair was damp, you can see the results on the pics to the left of the blog, in the green shirt.
I really loved doing the bantu knot out because I was addicted to curling my hair & i learned that when you transition it is not good to use heat, I thought I would never put the heat down, but I over came it!
I also have hair rollers but I don't curl my hair with them because I always wear my scarf over my head anyway.
I use to love doing my hair, but now I just put my hair in a style and then put my scarf over it.
I'm currently rocking my hair in big flat twist going back, like cornrows, and of course my black thick scarf over it.
I'm scared of germs too, so I don't want anything from the polluted air outside to get into my squeaky clean hair lol!
I am going to gradually cut my hair ever month or 2 months, depending on how I feel! 
Wish me luck on my journey!

My favorite products are:

-Baking Soda (I use this instead of shampooing)
Where You Can Get It:
Albertson's etc.

- Coconut Oil(Extra virgin) 
Where You Can Get It:
Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods etc.

-Wide tooth comb
Where You Can Get It:
Cvs, Target etc.

-Sulfur 8
Where You Can Get It:
CVS/ (,default,pd.html) etc.

-Biotin & Msm 
Where You Can Get It:
CVS & Sprouts Farmers Market or Albertson's

Where You Can Get It:
At your home

-Lustrasilk Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus
Where You Can Get It: (,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair02-05)

-Olive Oil
Where You Can Get It:
Albertson's (Pretty much anywhere)

-Hot Six Oil
Where You Can Get It: (,default,pd.html) / CVS etc.

Homemade Deep Conditioner:
-1 Egg
-Olive Oil
- 1/4 Cup Of Honey(Organic)
*leave on for 15+ minutes then rinse, do not rinse in hot water because the egg will cook!

Recommended Products:
Castor oil
I like castor oil because it is a substitute for holding my edges down instead of using gel. 
It also helps your hair to grow back fast, I used it on my eyebrows when I plucked them 
during graduation in June & my hair grew back within a week.

Mane N Tail Conditioner
I ran out of my conditioner. I must say this conditioner, I liked the most. I still have a bottle full of the shampoo, I didn't like the shampoo because it dried out my hair, thats why I use baking soda because shampoo's dry my hair out.
The Mane N Tail Conditioner keeps your hair moisturized for a long time. & It is very creamy and light.

Baking Soda
Many people use Organic vinegar for their hair, or they mix the vinegar with the baking soda.
I prefer the baking soda by itself, maybe I use to much vinegar, I don't know but it dry's my hair out & I do not like the way it feels
because it feels dry lol!
The baking soda, I did not expect for it to make my hair feel the way it did.
My scalp felt squeaky clean, like never before, every since then I always use my baking soda.
I recommend this for anyone who had built up, wants to clarify and just wants clean hair.
I use this every week when I wash my hair.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
This is by far my favorite product next to Baking Soda.
If you have really dry hair, then this is good for you because your hair will be moisturized for days, probably even weeks.
it is $10+ but it is really worth it & you do not have to use a lot because it melts in your hand.
When you buy it is a solid but when the room temperature is warm or hot, it melts.

Extra Tips:
One last thing, I noticed that when I worked out my hair seemed to be growing faster 
but I was also taking my vitamins (biotin)
& because I was working out I was also drinking lots of water.
Make sure you are constantly deep conditioning and moisturizing because where your new growth
and relax hair meet is where your hair is the most weakest so you do not
want to damage the new growth.
This will damage your new growth, especially if you use heat to often.
But if you must use heat, make sure it is on the low setting.

Site's that might help with transitioning:

-These are my favorite website, they are very helpful, 
everyone has so much information to give and the girls are so nice on these sites.

Encouraging Words:
Be patient and make sure on your transitioning process that you eat healthy and exercise as often as you can.
Also drink lots of water and always moisturize and deep condition every week!
It will get hard at times but do not slack!
-I need to drink more water!!

Transitioning Start: July 2009
End of Transitioning: July 2011

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