Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shhh..... I have a secret

I have been meaning to share this video, which I saw in my multicultural studies class. I think it is very interesting, I agree with somethings, like the power of words, and blah blah blah. But, I don't know, somethings seemed a little, umm, instead of them thanking the Heavenly Father, it was ''the universe.'' But other than that, I agree with it. This film is very eye opening, it makes you realize the things that you need to change about yourself. One thing that this film also made me see, is that people all want different things out of life, everyone has a different goal. This film is good for any and everyone. It seemed though, that, this film was more about material possessions than anything. Don't get me wrong if that is your aim, so be it. Thats what you want out of life. But for me, my goal is different but like I said it's still a good film for anyone, no matter what it may be that you want out of life.
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This is the movie I have been waiting to see every since the beginning of this year, ''Precious''!
The movie precious is already in theaters, it came out this month, 
November! I can not wait for this movie to hit demand, 
I'm trying to stay away from the people on youtube who have already seen it, they keep uploading videos about the movie! 
I'm going to be patient though, I'm not going to lie, 
I was kinda hoping that someone would bootleg it, but that's kinda wrong hu?! Anyway, 
Mariah Carey is in this film, I think she is going to do a stunning job but Mo'Nique, she looks like she is on fire in this
film, I honestly can not wait to see how good she is going to be in this movie. 
Gabourey Sidibe, wow, she is the perfect actress for the part she's playing, I am looking forward out of all of the people in 
the film, to see her in action. I love Gabourey's confidence, she seems like a really sweet person. 
I think this movie is going to touch a lot of people because it is reality, just the previews alone brings tears to my eyes! 
I have been so excited for this film, since forever! Oh I almost forgot, a lot of people aren't happy about the 
trailer because everyone in the movie who helped precious was light skinned, while everyone who was a darker complexion was portrayed as being ''bad or evil.'' I 
also agree with the light skinned being seen as the ''savior'' and the darker complexion being seen as the ''villain'' but I too also feel that this is somewhat apart of 
the reality that people like to runaway from, the dark vs. light. No doubt, it is stupid, cause at the end of the day we both are still going to be ''black'', if you are 
lighter than me or darker, we still ''black.'' But I get the whole argument. Anyways back to the movie, I still want to see it to for myself!

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  1. Wow...I can't wait to see "Precious." I've been hearing alot of talk about it but I never saw the trailer til' now. Thanks for posting! I'm definitely going to see it over the holiday weekend.